Youth Development–Career Development



Youth Summit $15.00 until Nov 12th - Thereafter, $20.00

January 18, 9;30 AM

RegistrationYearly : $30.00 USD – yearly
Monthly Dues : $20.00 USD – monthly
Semester Balance : $400.00 USD – monthly

Ray of Light Central regMentoring
Ray of Light looks to engage, excite and enlighten elementary and high school students to pursue careers as an entrepreneur, or leaders in high-end positions through mentoring and support teams for the continued advancement in educational and career goals.
The Counseling, youth and adult development program is designed to assist the student in developing educational and professional skills. These include but are not limited to: intervention and assessment strategies for educational and career goals.
Ray of Light is a resource connector–connecting students and parents to academic leaders, financial aid and career opportunities. The Counseling and Resource Center provides a variety of therapeutic counseling, pycho-education and supportive services. Assistance is available to students and family in need of services.
Workshops & Training 
  • Spanish as a second language
  • Math programs and tutoring
  • Boy and girls etiquette classes
  • Community services
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Civility and Social Ethics
  • Word Power


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